Consulting & Planning

HWS designs, produces and delivers tailored foundry technology ranging from individual machines through to turnkey and fully automatic foundry systems.

The expansion and modernisation of existing equipment, irrespective of the original manufacturer, through innovative HWS technologies is also part of the long-term company spectrum.

With our decades of experience from over 500 successfully supplied and installed systems, we are able to work together with you to devise the optimum concept for your company. We will be delighted to advise you on the latest trends in system design, with consideration to all requirements for an optimum foundry concept.

This includes all aspects of system planning – i.e. from classic design and layout of the system components and interface planning, to upstream and downstream processes and integration of current control and automation technology.

We also support you in the generation of individual software concepts for the HWS scope of supply and advise you on the construction of a comprehensive network architecture throughout all areas of your company.

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