Group Philosophy

HEART – Human Enrichment & Achievement through Reliable Technology

We apply globally recognised technologies and expertise. We assist our customers, so that they are competitive with SINTO products. Our customers are satisfied that they have chosen SINTO. A trusting relationship is established between our customers and SINTO.

  • Guidelines

    Safety policy: Respect for humanity, health and safety protection forms the basis for our philosophy. In striving to gain the trust and regard of our customers, our company acts as a team and considers health and safety in everything we do.

    Environmental policy: As part of a global society, we strive to sustainably reduce environmental impacts and reduce and where possible avoid environmental pollution in all areas of our business activity.

    Quality policy: We endeavour to gain the trust of our global customers through the consistent supply of reliable products and technologies.

    Ethical company principles: We are firmly committed to satisfying the expectations of all parties involved.

    We shall be happy to send you complete information in relation to these guidelines.

  • Logo

    The powerful flame in the Sinto symbol represents our actions and our handshake with our customers because we work and grow together with them, with the rising sun.

    In Japanese, Sinto is formed from two characters. The first means “new” and expresses our wish to consistently take on new challenges. The second means “east” and, as the sun rises in the east, we always forge ahead with optimism. Through the combination of our strengths and our passion, we are perfectly equipped for the future.

  • Quality Policy

    Every single employee in our organisation makes a decisive contribution, with their role, to achieving this target. With their activity, each individual is a supplier to another and simultaneously also a customer because they use the results of the work of others in their own tasks. Striving for continuous improvement is an elementary prerequisite for the realisation of quality targets.

    Quality cannot be tested into finished products, and fault avoidance therefore always takes precedence over fault rectification. For this reason, we endeavour to achieve 100 percent with our work from the outset. Anyone who detects quality weaknesses and is unable to remedy these within the framework of their own competences, informs their manager of this immediately. Suppliers must be treated as partners. Their ability to deliver the required quality should be monitored and supported at all times.

    Quality management and organisation are aligned with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001.

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