The company was founded in Laasphe in 1937 by Georg Müller and Heinrich Wagner under the name Müller & Wagner as a factory for foundry machines. After its dismantling in 1945, the company started out again under the name Heinrich Wagner.
In 1975, a sales company was established with the Japanese SINTOKOGIO Group, for vacuum moulding systems – Wagner Sinto. This was the founding stone for the good relationship between the two companies, and in 1983 it was followed by the merger with the SINTOKOGIO Group – the world’s largest foundry machine manufacturer. Since 2003, HWS has been a 100% subsidiary of SINTOKOGIO – a partnership that has developed into a major success story. Today, HWS is a market leading manufacturer of moulding systems, moulding machines and system technologies for the production of highly compacted moulds for modern foundries.

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