Company Policy

Company Policy
Top priority of each activity within the organisation is the satisfaction of the customer. This is also reflected in the philosophy of the Sintokogio group:

Human Enrichment & Achievement Through Reliable Technology

As the customer is our partner at the same time who has a significant influence on the success of our company, we are anxious to meet the expectations of our customers by offering optimal solutions and a high-quality and a timely realisation.

The short decision-making processes, well-trained employees and modern production facilities ensure a high degree of flexibility to accomplish the customers‘ requirements.

The health and safety of our employees are the key prerequisites for maintaining a high standard. Preventing personal injury and ensuring the safety of workers and third parties are top priorities. The company is committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions. In addition, we are committed to avoiding and constantly reducing hazards and burdens on employees.

Furthermore, we commit ourselves to comply with the legal and official requirements as well as the requirements of the interested parties.

As part of our commitment to continuously optimize and improve our management system, we commit to consulting and involving the employees. In addition, we promote further qualification and strengthen the willingness to develop suggestions for improvement from our employees.

By publishing and explaining the company’s objectives, we ensure that our corporate policy is understood. Through instruction and training, we convey to our employees the importance of customer requirements and of the legal and official regulations.

Upon request, the company policy will be made available to interested parties.

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