Modifications and Conversions

Conversions and modernisation

If the requirements for production and efficiency change, it is not always necessary to invest in a new system. Because moulding systems have a service life of multiple decades and technological development is subject to constant change, it is possible here to expand and optimise an existing system through the modernisation and modification of system areas. Through these measures, individual system areas are brought in line with the latest engineering practice.

  • The process

    There are numerous measures through which the risk of failure of existing moulding systems can be reduced, whilst the performance and safety can be enhanced.

    These optimisations can be carried out on HWS moulding systems, as well as systems from other manufacturers.

    HWS has modernised and optimised 218 systems to date.

    The focal areas of these system modernisations are:

    • Replacing automatic moulding machines
    • Control modernisation
    • Extending the cooling time
    • Replacing the complete mould line
    • Changes in the output area
  • The advantages

    The advantages of modernisation are:

    • Higher availability and performance
    • Optimisation in accordance with requirements, with low investment outlay
    • Existing system environment and infrastructure are retained
    • Compliance with the latest safety standards is possible
    • Spare parts supply is possible once more – control fully up-to-date
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