Innovative cooling concept at Torrance Casting, USA

From left to right: Bill Torrance (Torrance Casting), Klaus Klimczak (HWS), John W. Torrance (Torrance Casting), Ralf Szczepanski (HWS), J. Swanson (RSC), Friedrich Schäfer (HWS)

Representatives of Roberts Sinto America (RSC) and Heinrich Wagner Sinto (HWS) visit the installation status of the molding plant at Torrance Casting LaCrosse, WI. Our supervisor “Mechanics”, Mr. Szczepanski, is responsible for the setup and installation of the molding line.

Trial operation is scheduled to start in early June 2023.

For the first time, an innovative cooling concept is installed in this project that allows an individual cooling time for each flask in a high-rack cooling structure.

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